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Draw Your Spirit Guide
by spiritual artist Andre Ferrella

Who is your spirit guide and why would you want to draw this entity?  Take a look here for more about your spirit guide.  Drawing your spirit guide is just another expression of communication and connection.

But I Can't Draw

That's perfect because you will be truly amazed at what comes out of your hand and onto paper.  If you allow your hand to be guided by spirit, you will be shown what you need to do to have the image appear before your eyes.

Why Do I Care?

Whether you do or you don't is a matter of personal preference.  It's like preferring a beautiful photo of an amazing landscape over a written description, or Skype call over a phone call; it is certainly not necessary, but there is something about an image...

What Do I Do With the Drawing?

Many people meditate on the drawing - affixing their gaze on the features in quiet contemplation, and then they just listen for what shows up in the space.  Others have framed the drawings and hang them to be a presence in their space.

Who is your spirit guide?  Most people would agree on the presence of some sort of guide that acts as a counselor or guide to their existence on the planet, regardless of what that guide is called.  The guide goes by many names such as spirit guide, guardian angel, and intuition.  Your guide can be any of those things, ascended masters, or other energies.

Some would say that your spirit guide is separate from intuition and uses intuition to communicate, and that's great.  Whatever your beliefs may be, let us simply agree on the presence of an energy that acts as a guide and call it your Spirit Guide here.

If I am a man, do I have a male spirit guide?  The concept of gender is a very human thing.  All human beings have both masculine and feminine energies, so your Spirit Guide can manifest itself in any gender; and it can switch from time to time.  The approach that will yield the greatest results is to allow the process to flow, however it shows up.

draw your spirit guide
Draw Your Spirit Guide

I have very little or no drawing skills, so how can this possibly work?  First, the notion of that statement is scarcity; a self-made creation of inability.  When you use the affirmation "I Allow", you remove all the energetic barriers that you have created that are holding you back.

Consider that the affirmation "I allow myself to draw" opposes the statement "I know how to draw".  The former removes resistance and allows for something/anything to show up which may surprise you, while the latter actually limits what is possible by stating only what is possible.

By the way, you can use the "I Allow" affirmation everywhere in your life where there is something that seems stuck or unavailable to you.  It has remarkable powers to open doors and have you seeing things that were previously hidden from your view.